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I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

Title: I Too Had a Dream
Author: Verghese Kurien
Number of Pages: 250
Cover Price: Rs. 295
Rating: 5/5

Dr Verghese Kurien (1921-2012) born in Calicut, Kerala graduated in science and engineering from Madras University and Michigan State University, USA, respectively.
He began his career in dairying at the government's creamery in Anand, Gujarat, later joining the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producer's Union Limited (now Amul). As chairman of the National Dairy Development Board, he implemented 'Operation Flood'.

He has received countless awards, including the Ramon Magsaysay Award (1963), Wateler Peace Prize (1986), World Food Prize (1989) Padma Shri (1965), Padma Bhushan (1966) and Padma Vibhushan (1999). 

About this book:

This book is the autobiography of Verghese Kurien - with emphasis on how he built the Amul Brand. The book begins with the background of Dr Kurien followed by several incidents validating Kurien’s point that with every challenge comes an opportunity.

After finishing his Master of Science from Michigan State University, which was sponsored by Indian government, he was supposed to serve the government in return. Due to this, he was posted to a small, unknown village called 'Anand' (in Gujrat) accidentally and was given with the responsibility of the government owned milk production department over there. As he was looking for a new job in Delhi, in the mean time, he met with a person, Thirubhuvan Das Patel and started taking care of the co-operative milk society of Anand. This incident changed his life and carrier as along with villagers and Thirubhuvan Das, Kurien decided to stay in Anand and started building the co-operative society from the scratch. This was just the starting of a long effort which after 35 years, made India as number one milk producer. The book describes various problems faced by him from private business houses, government, MNC's etc and how he fought against all these. Again later, after achieving success by building 'Amul', he went on by executing 'The While Revolution' which spread Amul across the country.

Below are some lines from the book:
If you are always honest to yourself, it does not take much effort in always being honest with others.
When you work merely for your own profit, the pleasure is transitory; but if you work for others, there is deeper sense of fulfillment and if things are handled well, the money, too, is more than adequate.
We Indians are an extremely intelligent people but we can progress as a nation only when we learn the secret of unleashing this positive power of the people. Whenever this happens it disturbs a lot of people - because they know that a giant is waking up.
This is such an inspirational book which passes the message that everything is possible if one believes in one’s self.  Very highly recommended book - a must read!

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